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Call (866) 854-4844

Some of the common symptoms of low testosterone sound and look a lot like common symptoms of depression. Symptoms that both low testosterone and depression have in common are irritability, anxiety, melancholy or sadness, diminished sex drive, difficulty with memory, loss of concentration or diminished attention span, and trouble sleeping. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you could be suffering from low testosterone or depression. The experience of common symptoms highlights the need to seek professional medical care if you have been experiencing all or a majority of these symptoms.

A doctor is trained to consider other factors and variables, like physical symptoms which vary, to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Treatments are obviously different for these very different conditions so speaking to a doctor to figure out what might be wrong is important.

We can provide a simply blood test to check your testosterone levels and help you figure out what the next best steps for handling your condition might be. Unfortunately, low testosterone is a condition that is fairly simple to deal with, but often goes unheeded for a long time due to stigma, fear, denial, or embarrassment.

Don’t let these concerns deprive you of a simple solution to your problem. What you might have thought was depression or just some kind of “funk” might be a physical problem (low testosterone) with a medical solution. Talk to one of our trained doctors or personnel and get answers to your questions.

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