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Call (866) 854-4844

Growth Hormone Miami, FL

Growth hormone is a protein which stimulates growth and cell reproduction in all living things. In humans, growth hormone is produced by pituitary gland and is essential for the development of the body. But once we reach middle age, there is a reduction of growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland which results in the acceleration of the aging process. As a result, around middle age, we begin to experience symptoms such as decreased energy levels, lower muscle mass and a decrease in sex drive. Growth hormone ultimately determines how the body is built and how it functions.

We’ve all heard the phrase “growing old gracefully.” Through the process of hormone replacement therapy, the team of physicians at Elite Health Center can help patients regain normal healthy levels of growth hormone. This can significantly enable patients to experience greater energy levels, better quality of sleep and improved body composition in a matter of weeks.

The process is easy. Patients undergo a thorough evaluation and physcial exam by our expert physicians. From there, our doctors design a comprehensive plan to fit each patient’s individual needs. Not only can our team administer HGH -rh -rh and testosterone injections, we can also design a comprehensive nutrition and exercise plan to ensure optimal results and synergictic benefits. Reversing the signs and symptoms of aging was once thought impossible. Elite Health Center can help you redefine your age by providing professionally-administered care. Call today at (786) 629-3600 and learn how hormone replacement therapy can help you regain your vitality and feel younger.

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