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HGH -rh

HGH -rh or human growth hormone is a natural protein produced by the pituitary gland which helps regulate cell growth in the body. Its function is essential for healthy aging. Continuous cell growth enables all humans to gradually develop from childhood to adulthood. By the age of 30, virtually everyone begins to decrease in HGH -rh levels which can result in the loss of muscle mass, increased belly fat and lower energy.

By increasing HGH -rh production to healthy levels in the body, patients can begin to experience several health benefits including:

Increased energy and stamina Improved sleep More muscle mass Decrease in fat Improved memory Improved senses including eyesight Improved immune system Improved bone density Lower blood pressure Greater sex drive Better skin Elite Health Center

The expert physicians at Elite Health Center are dedicated to helping those who refuse to settle for mediocrity when it comes to their health. We’re dedicated to helping those who are determined to redefine their age through hormone replacement, nutrition and exercise. Our highly-trained staff will evaluate and construct an individualized plan to help you accomplish your goals for a healthy lifestyle.

Age should never be used as an excuse to slow down your daily life or level of activity. Thanks to HGH -rh therapy, improving how you look and feel is not as impossible as once believed. Through physician-supervised HGH -rh therapy, patients can begin to experience results in a matter of weeks. Reinvent your health and experience a feeling of rejuvenation you haven’t felt in years. Visit our office in Miami or New York and call today to schedule a free consultation.

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