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Most of us guys in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s can still “hold our own” in the bedroom and get the job done but, are we truly satisfied with our ability to perform when compared to our earlier days?

Well it is a medical fact that once we hit our 30’s and 40's we not only lose certain physical stimulation and sexual abilities but, we also relinquish certain psycho-sexual attributes (ability to mentally stimulate arousal) as well.

Physician Customized Sexual Enhancement Based on YOUR Individual Make-up

Elite’s Sexual Health “Rapid-Release Lozenges”, are pioneered by our team of expert physicians to individually match your goals and help you achieve YOUR ELITE SEXUAL PERFORMANCE. Our Rapid-Release Lozenges are specially compounded at FDA approved pharmacies in the U.S. and contain the SAME EXACT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra among others.

Our expert’s custom formulate each Rapid-Release Lozenge with specific ingredients to ALSO ENHANCE YOUR PSYCHO-SEXUAL RESPONSE and optimize dopamine metabolism. This key factor, combined with our leading-edge sublingual lozenge delivery, gives the patient unmatched results when compared to traditional pills.

Want to Eliminate Side Effects…? Since all of the medication is absorbed in the mouth, Rapid-Release Lozenges are FASTER ACTING, MORE EFFECTIVE and ELIMINATE many unwanted SIDE EFFECTS experienced from pills passing through the GI tract.

Getting started is easy!

Our Sexual Health Programs start as low as $150 per month! Simply ask one of our team members and an Elite Physician will custom design you a Rapid-Release Lozenge that will be mailed to your home the very next day!

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