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There’s been a lot of discussion in the medical field about the existence of and treatment for hypogonadism (commonly referred to as male menopause). Recently, a group of 18 experts from around the world, consisting of physicians (including urologists) and scientific experts, gathered with the intent of dispelling misinformation about the condition and effective treatments.

An international group of physician and scientific experts, including several urologists, recently approved nine resolutions that offer physicians and patients what they say is evidence-based clarity on the topic of male hypogonadism and its management. The Urology Times quoted Dr. Abraham Morgantaler saying, ““The goal of this meeting was to establish a set of fundamental concepts that could serve as a basis for future discussions…”

The result of the panel was a set of nine resolutions about hypogonadism. The most prominent, according to Dr. Morgantaler was, “…the evidence simply does not support the two big fears regarding T (testosterone) therapy—namely, that treatment increases risks of prostate cancer or cardiovascular disease.” He went on to say, ““T deficiency may affect men profoundly, causing sexual problems, depression, reduced strength, and reduced bone density. The prevalent beliefs that T therapy is associated with increased CV risk and prostate cancer are scientifically unfounded, and these media-driven fears should not be used to justify withholding an effective evidence-based treatment with substantial benefits for many men.”

In short, this doctor and multiple other experts in the field substantiated that testosterone therapy is a viable treatment option for men suffering from symptoms of low testosterone or hypogonadism.

Talk to a doctor about your symptoms and the options that are available to you. You don’t have to continue enduring depression, physical weakness, diminished sex drive etc. Get the help that is available.

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