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Everyone has heard or made jokes about middle-age men going through a mid-life crisis. The stereotypes range from the guy who buys a fancy sports car to a guy who sadly leaves his wife to date younger women. While the jokes are funny, the truth is there may be biological reasons for these mid-life crises and that reason may be male menopause. 

Most men scoff at the term, probably because it sounds like something women go through, but male menopause, or andropause, is really just a medical term to describe the reduced levels of testosterone (low T) that often occurs naturally in men as they age. While you can’t blame lower testosterone for causing men to act like big boys, it does cause some very real issues that can lead to behaviors typically associated with mid-life crisis.

Whenever men experience, 1) fatigue, 2) physical weakness, 3) unexplained depression, and/or 4) sexual performance problems like reduced libido or premature problems, its likely that male menopause is the culprit and the right treatment very well be hormone replacement therapy.

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms, it’s easy to believe that a major change in your circumstances is the answer, but its not. Low T is not uncommon and shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment (unlike that new hairdo). Talking to a medical specialist sooner than later can save you from that embarrassing haircut or that car you can’t afford. Talk to a doctor about your hormone levels and whether or not hormone replacement therapy is right for you. The doctors at Elite Health Center can explain all the treatments available to you and help you make the right decision for you and your lifestyle.

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