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Chief Physician Ian Concilio M.D.

Elite Health Center's distinguished team of healthcare professionals is honored to have Ian Concilio M.D. at the forefront of our patient care experience!

Dr Concilio possesses essential knowledge and experience that very few doctors have. He has experienced, first hand, exactly what it's like to be in our patients shoes and most important, he has been through his own successful journey back to good health. He is passionate about modern medicine, practices what he preaches and is excited to share his wealth of knowledge with you!

Dr Concilio is a foremost expert physician with a proven history of success and overachievement.

He began his medical career with exceptional academic performance at the University of Miami, where he graduated in the top 5% of his class. He earned several awards including an induction into “Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society” and he also received the prestigious “Outstanding Medical Student Award in Surgery”.

After his academic achievements in medical school, Dr Concilio completed his Surgical Residency at University of Miami’s, Jackson Memorial Medical Center, where he continued on to receive more recognition including the “Ellen Whitfield McDonald Excellence in Burn Care Award”.

From day one in clinical practice, Dr Concilio had a passion for not only general surgery but, all areas of medicine. He has expert level clinical experience in several specialties including, Trauma Surgery, Critical Care Surgery, Internal Medicine and Pain Management.

What makes Dr Concilio truly unique is the fact that he has been in the shoes of many of our patients with his own personal health and weight loss success story.

Several years ago Dr. Concilio struggled with severe weight gain and was on a path to poor health. He woke up one day and made a choice to do something about it! He was able to reinvent himself by leveraging his knowledge of the leading-edge weight loss and nutritional science available in today's medical community.

He set out to make a change to his diet, exercise and lifestyle with the end goal of dramatically improving his health. He went from 270lbs all the way back down to 190lbs and has kept the weight off and continued to be a healthy person ever since.

It’s no wonder why he decided to broaden his scope of medicine with Hormone Replacement Therapy , Age Management, Medical Weight Loss, Obesity Management and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Concilio's passion for preventive and proactive medicine stems from the life changing outcomes of his patients who have reinvented their health with the Elite Health Protocol and he welcomes the opportunity to do the same for you!


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